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MiDEAL Extended Purchasing Program

Department of Technology, Management and Budget

MiDEAL Extended Purchasing Program

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About MiDEAL

MiDEAL is the State of Michigan's extended purchasing program that allows Michigan cities, townships, villages, counties, school districts, universities, colleges and nonprofit hospitals to buy goods and services from state contracts. The program is authorized by Michigan Legislation and has been in existence since 1984. Membership is available for a nominal annual fee. To become a member, send an email to .

Local governments benefit directly from the reduced cost of goods and services and indirectly by eliminating the time needed to process bids. There are approximately 500 contracts available to MiDEAL members

Other States
The State of Michigan has a large portfolio of contracts that include extended purchasing language allowing other States to buy goods and services from our contracts. Contact Shawn Vaughn for more information at

Law Enforcement Purchasing

MiDEAL / SoM Procurement | Law Enforcement Purchasing page

Law Enforcement Purchasing

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MiDEAL Extended Purchasing Program

MiDEAL Contact Info

Mailing Address

Elliott-Larsen Building
P.O. Box 30026
Lansing, MI 48933

Primary Phone and Email

Mary Hanses, MiDEAL Coordinator

Shawn Vaughn, MiDEAL Program Manager