Senior Volunteer of the Year - Doris McCutcheon


Doris McCutcheon has spent more than 50 years helping young women reach their potential. She has dedicated her life to helping children have the support and encouragement necessary to be empowered to choose what they want their future to be. Doris has played the part of a mentor, tutor and friend in spending her time with children with social and academic challenges. After seeing the insecurities in girls ages 7-11, she started a nonprofit program called Girls First. This program emphasizes for young girls the importance of taking care of themselves and prepares them for the life experiences they may face. Doris and her daughter Monica together started Santa’s Workshop, a program centered around giving every student the ability to purchase small gifts for loved ones. In addition, through the Foster Grandparents Program, she has become a critical part of a first-grade class room and has serviced 75 first-graders in their educational and social abilities. Doris’s dedication to the youth of her community speaks volumes to her character and giving spirit. “This wonderful lady is the type of person you love to be around; she will keep a smile on your face,” said one mentee. “She inspired me to be a successful young black woman and to chase my goals. As a little girl, I couldn’t wait for the weekend to come, so I could just be in her wonderful presence.”