• Mulhern and Granholm Celebrating Mentor Michigan History

    Mentor Michigan was launched as a pilot program in 1999, by then-Attorney General Jennifer Granholm. In 2003, Granholm became Governor  and Mentor Michigan became a signature program of the Michigan Community Service Commission. In 2018, we re-launched as Mentor Michigan+ to add youth service as part of the equation. Now we are re-launching the monthly newsletter to provide valuable resources and information.

  • Linda Little Thank Your Mentor Campaign, Celebrate Mentoring Month 

    Join Mentor MIchigan+ to celebrate National Mentoring Month in January by thanking your mentor on social media. Showing appreciation to those who have helped you is a fantastic way to both inspire and encourage others to join the mentor movement. 

  • Eric Miller Strong Partner of MCSC: The Lawn Academy

    Eric Miller, founder of The Lawn Academy, has been putting his youth organization on the map. Eight years ago, he started the program for two youth. Last summer, he had 83. As the program grew, he sought new resources and support. He became a strong partner of MM+ and secured additional resources. These efforts have resulted in the program expanding to serve more youth and allowed Miller to run his nonprofit more efficiently.

  • NQMS National Quality Mentoring System Grants Available

    Mentor Michigan+ provided nine mentoring programs with a grant to pilot National Quality Mentoring System to adopt evidence based mentoring standards.  Each received up to 50 hours of customized support, training, and technical assistance provided by a consultant. If your mentoring program is interested in improving its’ best practices, consider applying for this opportunity for 2021.

  • Mentoring Connector banner 2020




  • Mentoring Photo What is Mentor Michigan?

    Thousands of people are looking for ways to help others. Mentor Michigan harnesses that energy by supporting more than 250 mentoring organizations around the state - organizations that match caring adults with young people in need of role models.

  • Smiling mentor and mentee Become A Mentor Do you want to become a mentor? Learn how to get connected with a local mentoring program here.


  • College Access: How Mentoring Relationships Can Help There are many conversations young people in Michigan never have. Conversations that would help them prepare for today, tomorrow, and their future. For many youth, a mentor can help them have those dialogues and expose them to resources and opportunities otherwise left undiscovered.


  • Ke’Von and her mentor Share Your Mentoring Story

    Celebrate Mentoring by sharing your stories of how mentoring makes a difference in the lives of youth and their mentors.