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Midland Area Soils Corrective Action

Daniel P. Dailey, P.E., Project Manager | or 517-242-7261

Art Ostaszewski, Environmental Quality Analyst (Sampling Only) | or 517-936-7991

Attachment 18 of the Dow, Michigan Operations, hazardous waste facility operating license details Dow's off-site corrective action obligations in the Midland area. The majority of the Dow off-site corrective action was performed from 2012 through 2016.  In 2016, Dow submitted a final report detailing off-site corrective action was approved by EGLE and became and enforceable part of the license (Attachment 18).  The resource links below provide additional details on the off-site corrective action which involved the removal the top 12 inches of soil contaminated with dioxins and furans above the residential risk based cleanup criteria from over 1,700 properties across Midland.  Dow removed the contaminated soil, replaced it with clean soil, and re-landscaped the properties.  Dow is currently monitoring properties in the cleanup area to ensure further action is taken at properties that have not yet been evaluated or remediated, as appropriate.  Annually, Dow must report their monitoring data as specified in Attachment 18. 

Due to large document sizes, and the necessary protection of personal identifying (PI) information, electronic copies of the Appendices to the Report are available on compact disk (CD) upon request with the PI information redacted.  Hard copies of the Appendices are also available for public review at the public information centers identified in the May 6, 2016, public notice, above.

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