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Source Water Protection conference

An EGLE presenter speaks at a podium in front of a large room of conference attendees
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Source Water Protection conference

For decades, Michigan has supported and encouraged the development and implementation of source water protection plans at the local level to protect public drinking water supplies from potential sources of contamination. Michigan has thousands of water supplies that provide drinking water to the public. Uncontaminated source water is the critical first step in supplying safe drinking water.

This conference is intended to help communities design and implement successful source water protection programs. Participants may include community members hoping to begin a new source water protection program or update an existing plan, or anyone interested in supporting local drinking water protection activities. Participants may include community water supply personnel, local officials, community representatives, local, state, and federal partners, academia, consultants, service providers, and those with an interest in source water protection.

This conference is a partnership with the Michigan Section of the American Water Works Association (MI-AWWA).

The 2024 conference* is on September 25, 2024

*To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Source Water Protection Conference has been temporarily replaced with the Great Lakes Drinking Water Conference in Novi, Michigan. This event aims to showcase the achievements and challenges of the past 50 years while looking ahead to the possibilities of the next half-century.

This conference will share in the celebration of the Safe Drinking Water Act through presentations of case studies, research, and lessons learned in areas such as source water protection, drinking water system operations, and the vision for the next 50 years to protect and enhance drinking water quality for future generations.  Registration starts on May 31, 2024.

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