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Services we provide

An EGLE staff person standing in the drinking water lab next to testing machinery
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Services we provide

We have several services that we provide to the general public.

Step-by-step service guides

Drinking water testing

There are many reasons to get your drinking water tested, including but not limited to unusual color or odors, selling or buying a home with a drinking water well, or  maintaining a drinking water well on your property.

Follow our 4 easy steps to test your drinking water.

Additional services we offer

Compliance assistance

We work with businesses, associations, non-profits, and municipalities to help them achieve and maintain compliance with the permits and regulations we implement. 

Household hazardous waste disposal

Learn more about what's considered household hazardous waste and find drop-off locations that divert these materials from landfill disposal.


Find out what kind of permits we issue and oversee, and if you need a permit for a project you are planning.

Radon testing

Radon test kits are available from certain county and city health departments, in addition to several stores. Find 

Recycling support

Confused about recycling? We have tons of resources to help.

Water quality monitoring

These services include all physical, chemical, and microbiological testing procedures currently used for this purpose by state and local water supply programs.

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