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Information Management Division

The Information Management Division is responsible for establishing and implementing data management standards and processes for information tracking to support transparency and effective internal processes. The goal of the division is to implement processes and provide services that allow program staff more time to address program issues and less time on non-programmatic functions. The division is responsible for assessing information technology tools and strategies to meet the ever-changing business needs of the department. In addition, the division is responsible for coordinating the department's GIS initiatives, maintaining the department's Web site, and overseeing Freedom of Information Act responses. In addition, the division also has responsibility for coordinating rulemaking activities, updating department policies, tracking audits, assuring corrective action plans are implemented, and coordinating appointments and other tasks for the department's various commissions.

Services We Provide

Six employees from Air Quality Division permit staff

Environmental Permit Review Commission

The Environmental Permit Review Commission was created to advise the EGLE Director on disputes related to permits and permit applications.

Environmental Rules Review Committee meeting

Environmental Rules Review Committee

The Environmental Rules Review Committee was created to oversee the rulemaking of EGLE.

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EGLE has numerous forms available to the public. You can search for a specific form by typing in the form name or number in the search bar.

Freedom of Information Act graphic with gavel

Freedom of Information

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act provides access to public records of public bodies. Some records are exempt from disclosure under the FOIA or another statute and thus will not be provided.

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Maps and Data

Explore our interactive Maps, Apps, and Story Maps, or search directly for spatial data in the Open Data web page.

Meet Director Brad Pagratis

Brad has experience in all three of the State of Michigan’s Quality of Life agencies: EGLE, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). He started his career at MDARD and most recently worked in the DNR executive division before joining EGLE in 2019. A common thread of connecting programs with technology and supporting improved processes runs through all of his positions.

Brad Pagratis' Biography