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Guide to Submitting On-site Work Activity Notices via RIDE


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The RIDE application allows the regulated community to submit On-Site Work Activity Notices directly into RIDE. Users must register for a MiLogin for Business account, and then request the RIDE application. For instructions on becoming a RIDE registered user, see the Become a RIDE User guidance page.

Step 1: Navigate to the Location Submittals

a. Navigate to the RIDE application and click the “Inventory of Facilities” button.

b. Search the Inventory of Facilities table for a location by typing known information into the pertinent field.


c.  You can also sort or search the Inventory of Facility table using multiple parameters by using the Display drop down menu and selecting the searchable items or combination of searchable items you wish to display in the view.


d. All Part 213 locations will be on the Inventory of Facilities. If you are unable to find the Part 213 location you are submitting for, please do not use the ‘Not Found’ button. Contact the EGLE project manager or the district supervisor for assistance.


e.  When the facility is found, open the facility details using the ellipsis on the right side of the location line. Then, use the arrow to open the Location Submittal information. To submit a Notice of On-Site Work Activity, use the plus sign to the right of the “EQP3801-Notice of On-Site Work Activity” line.

Step 2: Enter Submittal Information into RIDE

  1. In the Site Information section, choose the pertinent Confirmed Release Number or combination of Confirmed Release Numbers and click Next.


b. In the Submittal Information section, enter in all required fields. The Contact Person should be the person who will be on-site performing the work, or the project manager. This should not be the Owner/Operator of the facility unless they are performing the work. If no comments are necessary, simply type “N/A.”


c. Add the Organization/Company

  1. Search for the regulated entity of the facility. The organization/company should not be the consultant company/organization.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Once you have selected the organization, select the appropriate address.

Note: If you are unable to find an Organization/Company in RIDE, please email with the Organization/Company name and address and the RIDE Administrator will enter the information into the system. You will not be able to proceed with the submittal until this action is complete.


d. In the Contacts section, add the Facility Contact (Owner/Operator) by clicking on the plus sign on the right side of the Contacts line. Once all required fields are input, click Next.


Note: If a Facility Contact is already in the RIDE system, use the dropdown menu to select the contact. If the Facility Contact information needs to be entered, use the “Add New” button to input the contact information. Please do not enter an end date for the Facility Contact.


e. Review all information for accuracy, click Submit & exit.