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Learn About Environmental Justice

kids and woman on steps at demonstration for Environmental Justice
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Learn About Environmental Justice

Environmental Justice is the equitable treatment and meaningful involvement of all people, regardless of race, color, national origin, ability, or income and is critical to the development and application of laws, regulations, and policies that affect the environment, as well as the places people live, work, play, worship, and learn.

Equitable treatment means:

  • no group of people bears a disproportionate share of the negative consequences resulting from governmental, industrial, or commercial operations and policies
  • all people benefit from the application of laws and regulations
  • eliminating barriers such as poverty and lack of access, as well as repairing systemic injustices

Meaningful involvement means:

  • people have an opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their environment and/or health
  • decision makers seek out and facilitate the involvement of those potentially affected
  • people’s concerns are considered in decision-making processes
  • people can influence state agency decisions
Screenshot of the MiEJScreen tool showing census tracts in blue and red indicating overall EJ score


MiEJScreen is a screening tool that provides percentile scoring of various environmental, health, and socioeconomic indicators to measure relative environmental risk factors in communities.
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Regina Strong speaking to audience at Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition meeting April 18 2019

Public Advocate

The Public Advocate works collaboratively across state government to advance Environmental Justice and equity in Michigan, as well as addressing Environmental Justice concerns and complaints.
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A woman at a podium during the First People of Color Environmental Leadership Summit speaking to a crowd

About the Movement

People and the environment are inextricably linked, yet for some low-income people, Black people, indigenous people, or people of color that link can be fraught with challenges.

Detailed timeline of Environmental Justice milestones
A close-up of a wild rice plant

Michigan's Actions

The Office is currently taking part in several projects and initiatives related to Environmental Justice throughout the state.

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