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Michigan Environmental Justice Conferences

A single participant at the 2023 Michigan Environmental Justice conference places placing sticky notes on an easel
Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Michigan Environmental Justice Conferences

The Office of the Environmental Justice Public Advocate brings together individuals and groups from across Michigan and beyond to work toward advancing environmental justice in Michigan.

The Michigan Environmental Justice Conference serves as a platform to engage in dialogue around environmental justice issues across a wide range of perspectives. These events seek to elevate the voices of those with lived experience in environmental justice communities.

Next conference

Beginning with the inaugural conference in 2021, this conference is held every two years.  The next conference is planned for 2025.

About the Office of the Environmental Justice Public Advocate

The Office of the Environmental Justice Public Advocate was created by Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2019-06 to serve as an external and internal advocate and catalyst for ensuring Environmental Justice throughout the state.

Led by the Environmental Justice Public Advocate, Regina Strong, the Office works collaboratively across state government to advance Environmental Justice and equity in Michigan, as well as addressing Environmental Justice concerns and complaints.

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