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Accountability and Transparency

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Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy

Accountability and Transparency

EGLE is committed to accountability in its actions and accessibility to information about its work protecting Michigan's resources. This is amplified though transparent processes and opportunities to engage with the department.

Mission, Vision, and Values

We are committed to protecting Michigan’s environment and public health by managing air, water, land, and energy resources. 
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Engage With EGLE

Community involvement and public participation are an essential part of EGLE’s mission, vision, and values. We welcome all Michiganders to engage with EGLE programs, staff, and processes – and value your contributions to protecting Michigan’s public health, air, water, land, and energy resources. 

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EGLE's interactive calendar is designed to provide timely information on decisions before the Director, proposed settlements of contested cases, administrative rules promulgation, public hearings, meetings and comment deadlines, and environmental conferences, workshops and training programs.
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Advisory Groups, Boards, Committees, and Councils

Various groups advise EGLE on policy and programmatic issues.  These groups provide a forum for stakeholders to provide feedback and advice to EGLE, and are often mandated formally through legislation and executive order.  Boards and workgroups are also assembled by the department for advice from stakeholders, especially as related to the Department's rule-making authority.
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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requests

The Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides all persons (except persons incarcerated in correctional facilities) with access to public records of public bodies. Requests to inspect or receive public records from EGLE must be in writing and describe the requested records with enough detail to enable the department to identify and locate the requested records. Please note that many records are available that do not require a formal FOIA request.
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Nondiscrimination in EGLE Programs (English, El español and العربية)

Everyone in Michigan deserves meaningful access and equitable opportunity to participate and provide input in EGLE’s programs, activities, and services. EGLE’s Policy on Nondiscrimination in EGLE Programs, Grievance Procedures, and Limited English Proficiency Plan establish department-wide guidance to ensure meaningful access and equitable opportunity. 
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Downloadable Data

Use the navigation links above to explore our interactive Maps and Apps and Story Maps or search directly for spatial data in the Open Data section. Highlighted on this page are our most accessed resources and content spotlight. A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available at the bottom of the page.
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EGLE generates a variety of reports each year on the state’s air quality, drinking water, environmental cleanups, inland lakes and streams, wetlands, medical waste, solid waste, scrap tires, etc. In most cases, only the most recent reports (i.e., last three years) will be available posted online.
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