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Environmental Support Division

The Environmental Support Division is responsible for the department's proactive outreach efforts and support functions necessary to maintain an effective organization. The division prepares professional materials to support the department's communication strategy. The division hosts live events, coordinates webinars, produces videos, and develops publications. Working with program staff, the division assures public meetings and public hearings are professionally conducted. In addition, the division operates the call center, coordinates emergency response efforts, oversees the department's facilities, and provides training opportunities to staff.

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Compliance and Industry Guidance

Businesses, associations, non-profits, and municipalities will find valuable information for achieving and maintaining compliance with the regulations implemented by EGLE.

EGLE Classroom

EGLE Classroom

Environmental resources for teachers, students and families.

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Emergency Planning

Emergency planning is important to address the protection of employees, the facility, the community, and first responders.

Benita Flores Environmental Assistance Center operator takes a call

Environmental Assistance Center

800-662-9278 The Environmental Assistance Center serves as a single point of entry into all EGLE environmental programs.

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Events and Training

Conferences, workshops, webinars, and on-demand training on environmental requirements, sustainability practices, and other topics.

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Internship Program

Gain experience and knowledge of how to protect Michigan's environment and public health through and unpaid internship with EGLE.

Meet Director Michael McClellan

Michael has 28 years of experience with the department, encompassing a broad range of environmental programs. Before assuming his current role in 2018, he recently served in the executive office and has been chief of field operations section east for the Remediation and Redevelopment Division. He also served as a district coordinator, facilitating collaboration and communications across divisions with the then-Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's executive office and elected officials.

Michael McClellan's Biography