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Public Meetings

The public plays a vital role in the decisions we make to protect the environment. We encourage everyone in Michigan to attend meetings and informational workshops, and to provide comment on agency actions.

Informational Meeting

The format of an informational session has flexibility depending on the needs of the audience. It is recommended to open the informational session with an informal presentation summarizing “who we are” and “what we are there for”. An opportunity for the public to ask questions follows this short presentation by EGLE.

Depending on the circumstances questions and answers from the informational session may not be part of the public record. This is announced/made known by the meeting moderator. When scheduled in relation to a public hearing or public comment period, an informational session is a way for questions to be asked and answered to help formulate a comment for the record.

Open House

A type of informational meeting - the community is invited to engage with EGLE staff directly. Questions and conversation with staff are welcome. This may be used in conjunction with a panel if the venue has separate areas to facilitate this. This format is limited to an in-person meeting.

Listening Session

A structured gathering or meeting in which EGLE actively solicits input and listens to the concerns, ideas, opinions, and feedback of community members about specific topics.

Public Hearing

A public hearing is an opportunity to provide verbal testimony. Public hearing requirements are found in different statutes and rules, based on the action.

Learn about public comments

Public comment periods are an essential component of transparent and equitable public participation, allowing the EGLE to gather input from the community and affected parties before making final decisions on agency actions.

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