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Accessing Electronic Documents (Files) using RIDE


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RRD is undertaking an effort to digitize all of our records and make them available to the public through RIDE. The “Files” feature of RIDE allows the public to access RRD’s records that have been scanned and filed in our Electronic Document Management (EDM) system. A backlog of paper files are still being scanned into the EDM system, and therefore not all files are available through RIDE. However, the number of files available through RIDE continues to grow.

You do not need a RIDE account to access these files; they are available to any member of the public by navigating to RIDE. If you want to download files, they can be opened one at a time and saved from your browser window. There is no functionality for downloading more than one document at once. If you cannot find the files that you are seeking by using RIDE, you can file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

Steps for Accessing Files

Step 1

Navigate to RIDE ( and select the Inventory of Facilities button.

Step 2

Scroll to the table below and search for a specific facility by entering the facility ID, name, address, or other known fields.


Larger view of Step 2 screenshot

Step 3

When you find your facility, select the ellipses on the far right. You may need to scroll to the right.

Larger view of Step 3 screenshot

Step 4

Select the "Files" panel and scroll to the table. Files can be sorted using the arrows next to the headers and downloaded by selecting the "view" icon. Files can be downloaded one at a time. There is no functionality for mass downloads.

Larger view of Step 4 screenshot