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A screen capture of water well viewer showing wells in the Saginaw Bay area
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Wellogic is the web-based data entry program developed by the state of Michigan in 2000 to provide an easy and efficient method for water well drilling and pump installation contractors to submit water well records. Electronic well record submittal satisfies state and county water well record submittal requirements.

Water well records from January 2000 and later are being entered into Wellogic by contractors, local health departments, and EGLE. Both water well and pump records and abandoned well plugging records are being entered into the database. Each record is automatically stamped with the date and time of submittal. Local health departments retrieve the contractor-submitted records electronically out of Wellogic and print them for review.


Use of the Wellogic program is voluntary. A user ID and password are assigned to users who need to enter or modify data.  A user ID and password is not needed to simply search for water well records. To request a Wellogic user account, simply open Wellogic and click on Request an Account.

Open Wellogic

Besides the obvious benefits of transfer and storage of electronic records and more accurate data available at the click of the mouse, Wellogic provides Michigan users:

  • Contractor data entry facilitating the best information and the best reporting in an efficient manner.
  • Standardized geology picklists which greatly facilitate future data mining efforts.
  • Mapping which allows for the most accurate positioning of wells – by latitude and longitude – absolutely necessary for accurate data.
  • Mapping of geology and well construction attributes so that all contractors have the best information to make accurate estimates of drilling projects.
  • Data to create water level maps, bedrock and drift area maps.
  • Electronic renewal and electronic payment of a contractor’s annual registration.
  • Several specialized reports.

Data gathered with Wellogic is currently being used in many other applications throughout the state. The data was an integral part of the Groundwater Inventory and Mapping Project (GWIM). The data is also used for Drinking Water GIS, Water Well Viewer, the Water Withdrawal Assessment Tool, GeoWebFace, and WaterTrack. Having standardized data like that in Wellogic is an important part of developing programs to protect our water supplies from potential sources of contamination.