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Elizabeth (Liz) Browne

Materials Management Division Director

Liz Browne is director of the Materials Management Division in the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), where she manages the staff and programs. She oversees the hazardous and solid waste programs, radiological protection efforts, and sustainability programs, including the Office of Energy.

Liz has worked to merge the traditional waste programs with the pollution prevention, climate, and energy work that are vital to sustainability and Michigan’s commitment to a circular economy: eliminating waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems. A major effort involved a broad stakeholder group convened to update the solid waste statute to help transition Michigan away from a landfill focus and toward recycling.

Liz has worked in many of the programs that now make up EGLE. She has had management roles in the Superfund and Storage Tank programs. She also led the division responsible for wetlands, dunes, dams, and shorelines. Other stints included working with drinking water and the water-related revolving loan programs. Browne also led the emergency management program for EGLE’s predecessor agency.

A graduate of Michigan State University (MSU) with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and management, Liz also has completed numerous training programs related to safety and waste-related program management.

Liz also represents EGLE on the MSU Great Lakes Leadership Academy’s Advisory Council and on the Michigan Environmental Hall of Fame selection committee.

She lives in East Lansing with her two rescue dogs, Summer and Ciara. When not experiencing the outdoors, she enjoys gardening in the warm months and knitting and jewelry making in the winter.