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Labor and Economic Opportunity
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Ani, a junior at Calumet High School, entered the Young Professional program during the summer of 2020 after being matched with a non-profit organization called Main Street Calumet.

Ani was able to perform some of her work tasks remotely, including developing social media posts and creating marketing materials. Ani also met in-person with farmers and the public at the Saturday Farmer's market in Calumet. As a junior staffer, Ani has provided a fresh perspective to the local market vendors and their products, helping them grow their businesses.

In addition to her marketing efforts, Ani managed the Main Street Calumet Farmers Market, organized volunteers and completed other administrative tasks.

As a component of her program, Ani was able to take two training classes offered through Bay College to expand her knowledge and experiences working with Main Street Calumet. She has also successfully obtained her driver's license and purchased a car that allows her to go to her new waitressing job.

Ani decided to join Main Street Calumet's Board of Directors and remains involved in its efforts and initiatives as an unpaid employee, further building on her Young Professionals experience.