Wage and Hour Division English Language Publications

Complaint Forms

WHD-9430 Wage and Benefit Complaint Form

WHD-943B Prevailing Wage Complaint Form

WHD-943D Discrimination Complaint Form

English Brochures

WHD-9801 Act 390 Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Brochure

WHD-9802 Minimum Wage and Overtime Brochure - will be updated soon

English Information Sheets

WHD-9901 Overpayment Deduction

WHD-9902 Recordkeeping Requirements

WHD-9904 Required Posting

WHD-9909 Compensatory Time

WHD-9910 Youth Training Wage

WHD-9920 85% Wage Rate

WHD-9921 Tipped Employee

WHD-9925 Agricultural Worker - will be updated soon

Michigan Agricultural Employee Wage Rights - English  - will be updated soon