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Celebrating Mentor Michigan History

Mulhern and Granholm

Mentor Michigan was launched as a pilot program in 1999, by then-Attorney General Jennifer Granholm. She wanted to help youth stay out of the juvenile justice system and reach their full potential. In 2003, Jennifer Granholm became Governor of Michigan and Mentor Michigan became a signature program of the Michigan Community Service Commission (MCSC). First Gentleman Dan Mulhern served as chair of the MCSC and put his and the Commissioners' energy and support behind the initiative.  Former University of Michigan Head Football Coach Lloyd Carr served as the face of Mentor Michigan and brought awareness to the need for more mentors to assist youth to be successful.

"We are very appreciative of the effort that former Governor Granholm, First Gentleman Mulhern and Coach Carr offered to assist youth in accessing to opportunities," said MCSC Executive Director Ginna Holmes.  "We look forward to our continued work with Governor Gretchen Whitmer's administration to amplify the voice of youth to be a part of the solutions needed in communities throughout the great state of Michigan."

In 2018, we re-launched as Mentor Michigan+ (MM+) to add youth service as part of the equation. Now we are re-launching the monthly newsletter to provide valuable resources and information. Across the state, incredible organizations and individuals like you are improving the lives and outcomes of young people in Michigan. Please let programs know about the Mentor Michigan+ Youth Service (MM+ YS) News so they can subscribe to receive resources and support. We need your help in identifying and expanding our network because we can do more together.