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My Sister's Keeper Supports Detroit Area Girls 

Mentor and Mentees

Tanesha Windom had a tumultuous adolescence and as she grew older she noticed too many young women facing the same challenges she did: abuse, neglect and depression. As an adult, Windom felt a responsibility to get involved and do something to make sure girls had someone in their lives that truly cared about them. In January 2013, My Sister's Keeper opened and has positively impacted the lives of thousands of underserved youth ages 7-24.

My Sister's Keeper is a sisterhood of women willing to give their love, time, talents and resources in an effort to keep Michigan girls on the path to success.

"The experiences that I had when I was younger helped me truly understand what a lot of our young ladies are experiencing today," Windom said. "I felt that creating My Sister's Keeper was my responsibility, to give back to the community that helped me ultimately find success. I want to ensure that all young ladies in our community have successful role models that listen closely to the needs of our youth and are able to help them deal with the challenges they are facing."

My Sister's Keeper has forged partnerships with Detroit area schools, churches, businesses, organizations and individuals to provide several youth mentoring activities, including: one-on-one mentoring, peer mentoring, life skills training, community service projects, internships, counseling services and more.

My Sister's Keeper received funding from Mentor Michigan+ to participate in the  National Quality Mentoring System and attend the National Mentoring Summit. The organization also receives grants from the Michigan Community Service Commission to engage youth volunteers in National Days of Service. Windom said the networking and resources from each has strengthened the organization at its core and in its outreach.

 "Without strong partnerships within our community and statewide, we would not be where we are today. Thank you!" Windom said.