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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Michigan's Center for Volunteer Excellence Technology Hub

MCSC will provide at no cost the following resources to nonprofits in each of the regions. Michigan Community Resilience Program grantees, with the help of the MCSC,  will support nonprofits access the resources.

Nonprofit Guide 

The Guide will include nonprofits in the state and tell their story, including how people can help by volunteering or donating.  The Guide will allow people to search what they are interested in supporting and offer help either virtually or in person.  It helps the prospective hands-on volunteer find their way to help in every corner of a community’s nonprofit ecosystem.

Board Connect 

The platform connects volunteer leaders to nonprofit boards. The technology creates connections in helping nonprofits boards and providing candidates with access to all open positions. This resource will allow nonprofits to have a more diverse board and ensure that different voices are at the leadership table.

 Skills-based platform

The platform helps people to leverage the specialized skills and talents of individuals to strengthen the infrastructure of nonprofits. As our state recovers from COVID, it will be important for skills-based volunteers to offer to help nonprofits build and sustain their capacity to successfully achieve their missions.


This platform provides youth voice to be a part of solving community issues. The platform allows youth to capture a picture of their service and share it.  They will then have a service resume that demonstrates the skills they developed.  It helps student groups, schools, and youth serving organizations highlight community service impact, passion for causes, and connect local effort to the UN Global Goals. 

Get Connected 

This volunteer management platform allows organizations to increase volunteer engagement, develop long-term relationships, and track involvement. It helps individuals learn how they can help in person or virtually anywhere in the State.


This platform is designed for disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. It catalogues disaster skills and resources, meets federal reimbursement requirements, communicates with volunteers and monitor site arrivals.  When a disaster strikes, the community is able to  go to the Redi site and see how they can help.