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AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program

Urban Safety Program

AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program
Service Area: City of Detroit

The AmeriCorps Urban Safety (AMUS) Program serves to implement initiatives to increase public safety and decrease victimization in neighborhoods throughout the City of Detroit. The program has helped reduce violent crime by 26 percent in the city and has reduced crime costs by $302 million.  More than 100 AmeriCorps members, 90 percent of whom live in Detroit, partner with Detroit Police to use proactive measures to minimize crime. Members provide Home Safety Assessments that are also preventative and include the installation of smoke and CO2 alarms, door sensors, cameras, lighting and deadbolt locks. Also, lead testing and cleaning kits are provided to minimize the risk of lead poisoning to youth and pregnant women. Lastly, the program supports personal safety by assisting domestic violence victims in obtaining personal protection orders, creating safe routes for students, advocating for the City of Detroit's greenlight initiative and bridging the gap between local law enforcement and residents.

Wayne State University
5700 Cass Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Ramona Washington, Program Director
Phone: 313-577-0979