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Outstanding Volunteer Program - United Way of Genesee County

United Way of Genesee County

The United Way of Genesee County exemplifies and builds the capacity of organizations and individuals to be of service to their community. Through Genesee Serves, the organization encourages individuals of any age to volunteer and create positive impact in Genesee County. They firmly believe there is a role and a pathway for everyone to volunteer from the classroom to the boardroom; from one-time opportunities to year-long positions. In 2018, Genesee Serves added 36 new agencies and engaged 4,886 volunteers for 14,000 of service hours to support the community. The organization strongly supports National Days of Service and addresses community needs through volunteer projects. On the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, 80,000 meals were packaged for people experiencing food insecurity. The United Way is also the home of the Flint National Service Accelerator, a unique place-based national service model that supports organizations and AmeriCorps and Senior Corps members to be successful in service. United Way of Genesee County has made it one of their core objectives to recruit and support volunteers to make their community a better place.