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Labor and Economic Opportunity

E-Filing Instructions-New Appeals

When submitting your appeal to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Commission (Commission), please follow the e-filing instructions below.

*This appeal form should only be filled out if you have already had a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and have received a decision/order.

To Submit Appeal

Click on the Appeal Form box on the homepage.

Please fill out the information on the form as completely and carefully as possible as it will help the Commission to timely process your appeal. Missing information may result in delay.

Appeals on Multiple Cases

If you are filing an appeal on more than one case, you may add additional cases using only one form. Located about 2/3 of the way down the form it states Add More. Check that box and another set of boxes will appear for you to complete the docket number, case number and the decision date for the additional appeal. You may submit up to 3 appeals on this form.

Additional Documentation

You may also submit additional documents to the Commission through this form. To do so scroll down towards the bottom of the form to the section called additional documents. Click Choose Files. Select the file you would like to upload. Please make sure that the name of the file you uploaded is listed next to the Choose Files box before moving on to complete the form.


Finally, please make sure to sign the form.

Once you have completed the appeal form, you will receive a confirmation email.

*Please note that you must complete this form using a HTML5 fully supported browsers such as: Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. You will not be able to fully complete the form using Internet Explorer as it is no longer supported.