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MIOSHA Asbestos Abatement On-Line Accreditation Renewal

Welcome to the MIOSHA Asbestos Abatement Accreditation On-Line Renewal Payments.

To renew your accreditation application, please click on the following link:

On-Line Accreditation Renewal

You are now able to pay for your asbestos accreditation renewal application on-line. If your accreditation is due to expire or has already expired, you will be able to renew it on-line. However, please be advised, only credit/debit cards with Visa, MasterCard or Discover logos are accepted at this time.

Training certificates, résumés, pictures, and any other information should be emailed to or faxed to 517-284-7700. These items are limited to .pdf's and .jpg's. Pictures or photos should be submitted in .jpg format. Training certificates, résumés, or any other information should be submitted in .pdf format. Please allow two (2) weeks for processing.

Please be advised, accreditation fees will not be refunded for deficient or rejected applications.

*****ATTENTION: Since the initiation of the On-Line Accreditation Renewal, we have had individuals call to let us know that their information cannot be located. With this search feature, the information you are searching has to match our database EXACTLY or it will not be found. For example you search: Last Name: Public; First Name: John; Accreditation Number A:111. The result will be nothing because in our database we have you listed as Last Name: Public, Jr. or First Name: John Q. 

The least amount of information used to search the better. Our suggestion: if you know your accreditation number use ONLY that number to do the search.******