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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Accessibility of MERC Decisions

Constituents  have the ability to search MERC Commission Decisions by year and month by clicking on the “1998-present MERC Commission Decisions Issued” link on any of the “MERC Decisions” pages located in either: the left side bar or under the “MERC Decisions” button on the main homepage. 

Additionally, the search bar is posted on the “MERC Decisions” page, and utilizes new google search technology. Here, constituents are able to type in case numbers, party names, etc. to locate a specific case(s). Also, if an exact term is queried in “quotes,” in addition to the documents that contain that phrase, a search box populates additional phrases or terms that may correlate with the topic being searched. We hope this feature will prove to be useful for our constituents, especially those who may be unfamiliar with the work of BER/MERC.