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*Due to current restrictions, tours are limited to virtual tours.*

Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Training Center

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The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons Training Center (BSBPTC) in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is a residential training institute that assists persons who are legally blind increase their marketable skills through onsite technical training programs. BSBPTC Professionals pride themselves in providing exceptional service with the goal of assisting participants obtain or maintain employment. BSBPTC works to provide specialized/customized training and employment services to assist participants and businesses address challenges that may pose barriers to achieving their goals and objectives. BSBPTC also works to assist individuals to explore the possibilities of self-employment or entrepreneurship. Depending on individual needs, a participant might stay at the center for a few weeks, or up to several months. Our goal is to graduate capable, motivated, and highly desirable candidates for employment, as well as life-time self-advocates.   

Since the passage of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), in July 2014, BSBP has worked to integrate new aspects of the law and is well-positioned and aligned with other core partners of the state.

If you become an active participant at the BSBP Training Center, we will help you to identify your individual skills and learning needs, helping you develop skills that closely match your own personal goals. Through this individualized learning, in an atmosphere of group support, we look forward to helping you create your own unique and individual success story!

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*Due to current restrictions, tours are limited to virtual tours.

Tours of the BSBP Training Center are available upon request. Tours are routinely scheduled Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm. The tour usually takes a half hour. Special arrangements can be made for tours outside these days and times, if necessary.

BSBP TC YouTube Links:

Below you will find links to view a virtual tour of the BSBP Training Center and a video to meet the teachers, when you schedule a tour, you will have an opportunity to have questions answered by a staff member:

For more information about scheduling a tour, please contact:

Mary Chapman, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 269.337.3848   |   Email:

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