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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Professional Disclosure Form

Since 2006, all Agency-approved vocational rehabilitation providers have been required to utilize Form WC-500, “Vocational Rehabilitation Provider Professional Disclosure Statement,” at the outset of each vocational rehabilitation case, not including wage earning capacity evaluations. This policy remains in place with the introduction of the updated form. 

Vocational counselors providing services to Michigan’s injured workers are expected to adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors.  The issues outlined in the disclosure statement uphold the requirements of Section A.3 of the Code.  Overall, Form WC-500 is meant to assist with establishing trust, enhancing transparent communication, and building rapport at the start of the counseling relationship.  It also serves as protection for you and your client during the counseling relationship, and is frankly just part of professional practice. 

As before, if your client is not supportive of signing the document, please note this on the form and sign in your designated location to note that the discussion took place, and that informational brochures were provided.  And finally, recognize that you may need to review this document with your client at various times throughout the counseling relationship.