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Labor and Economic Opportunity

Why is Credential Transparency Important to Michigan?

There are nearly 13,000 distinct credentials available across Michigan, but we lack the ability to make connections between our data to connect these credentials to individuals, to jobs, and to the economy. With alignment, Michiganders will benefit by understanding opportunities associated with each credential. Click here to access the Credential Finder tool for exploring all of the information published to the Credential Registry.

Individuals: Access to clear and accurate program information empowers students and workers to find the credential that works best for them and their education and career goals. 

Policymakers: Comprehensive program and credential information helps inform workforce development and education policy decisions.

Employers: Increased knowledge of the credential options leads to new partnerships with education and training providers, and more informed hiring decisions.

Education and Training Providers: New marketing opportunities to bring increased regional and national exposure to Michigan’s programs, while offering providers new data to make informed choices about offerings and delivery models.