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Labor and Economic Opportunity

College Day (CD) Program

The CD Program provides State of Michigan funding to Michigan's 15 public universities to target 6th-12th grade economically-disadvantaged students in the State of Michigan and provide them with support services to increase opportunities to succeed in higher education at a postsecondary institution. Preference may not be given to participants based on race, color, ethnicity, gender, or national origin. Public universities should encourage participation from those who would otherwise not adequately be represented in the student population.  Individual program plans for each public university shall include a budget of equal contributions from this program, and participating public university.
The College Day Program mission is to provide an opportunity for economically students to discover, firsthand, the potential of a college education and to expose students to the information, knowledge and skills they need to prepare themselves adequately for college entry success and completion.  University based College Day programs focus on serving Michigan's k-12 public school districts (including Public School Academies/Charter Schools) with the highest percentage of target students as reported to the Michigan Office of the State Budget's Center for Educational Performance and Information.  Universities are encouraged to involve all students in targeted/participating classrooms in the College Day Program.

The State of Michigan's Labor and Economic Opportunity - Workforce Development (WD), KCP Initiative provides oversight and technical assistance to the College Day programs.  Twice per year, the KCP Initiative hosts statewide meetings of College Day Coordinators to provide an opportunity for programs to share successful efforts, keep abreast of educational reform and to provide useful suggestions to improve programs.  College Day Program Coordinators and their colleagues at the universities are also invited and encouraged to attend other KCP Initiative sponsored activities such as the "Equity in the Classroom" conference held annually.

All questions should be directed to the KCP Program office, phone at (517) 241-989, fax (517) 241-9825, or email

The mailing address is:
Labor and Economic Opportunity - Workforce Development
Targeted Services, King•Chávez•Parks Initiative
201 N. Washington Square
Lansing, Michigan 48913