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Accommodation Services

MCTI student using sign language

The staff in Accommodation Services evaluate MCTI students and potential students with special needs. Recommendations for accommodations/assistive devices are made to help students overcome barriers to success. An added service is the design and fabrication of otherwise unavailable specialty devices.

Here are some examples of accommodations/assistive devices that have been fabricated by Accommodation Services:

Problem:   A man with quadriplegia, with no speech and only limited use of the left hand/arm, communicated by using a computer, but had difficulty striking single keys with his clenched fingers.
Solution:   A pointer-rod typing aid was fashioned from 1/4 "finger-bendable" aluminum tubing and fitted to the left hand and arm.
Problem:   A student with cerebral palsy had difficulty steadying his hand tremors sufficiently so he could use a computer keyboard without striking multiple keys.
Solution:   A keyboard key guard (grill or grid) was fabricated from brass brazing rods and attached to the keyboard with Velcro patches.
Problem:   A wood finisher, with limited use of one hand, had difficulty holding small objects in one hand while spray painting them with the other hand.
Solution:   A carousel (Lazy Susan) was constructed with pegs extending downwards from the rotating work surface. The work surface was turned by pulling (or pushing) on the pegs.
Problem:   A computer user, diagnosed with carpal tunnel in both wrists and damage to the ulnar nerves in both arms, experienced shoulder and forearm pain. Further, the hands and fingers would fall asleep frequently when the individual used the computer, or read, ate, drove, slept, or watched television.
Solution:   The individual's keyboard shelf was raised about 2 inches, and the mouse, which had been located forward of and higher than the keyboard, was brought down to the same level as the keyboard and placed near its right edge. The symptoms and pain disappeared shortly thereafter and still hadn't returned six months later.