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Labor and Economic Opportunity

What are the requirements to receive Work Share benefits?

Participating employees must have earned a sufficient amount of wages in order to establish a regular unemployment claim in order to receive Work Share benefits. The program requires employers to maintain the fringe benefits of participating employees; and if the employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement approval must be obtained from the bargaining representatives to participate.

To receive approval for a Work Share plan the employer must certify that the plan is in lieu of layoffs and would result in a reduction in hours and wages for all employees listed on the Work Share plan.

As a result of Executive Order 2020-76, Work Share program eligibility requirements have been revised. To participate in Work Share:

All employees in the affected unit participate in the plan.
A plan must include a minimum of two employees.
Plan may be approved for any period of up to 52 consecutive weeks.
Employee work hours be reduced by a minimum of 10% up to a maximum 60%
Work Share does not apply to seasonal, temporary, or intermittent employment.

Employers may have multiple plans covering separate work units. A work unit is the employees an employer selects to be covered by Work Share. Employers are given flexibility to organize each work unit or work division they want to participate in Work Share.