Quick-Start Guide for New Mentoring Coordinators

Quick-Start Guide for New YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinators is a job aid that breaks down the immediate tasks that a new mentoring coordinator should tackle within his or her first few weeks on the job. "It is designed to help them figure out the status of current matches, the roles and contributions of various stakeholders, the program's current budgets and plans, and how to work with their director to ensure that the program continues to thrive even as they are ‘getting their feet wet' in their new position," says National Mentoring Center's, Michael Garringer, who helped to design the guide.

Although it is customized for YouthBuild's specific mentoring model, the tasks detailed in the guide should be useful to any new coordinator of a youth mentoring program. "One of the biggest risk-management issues these programs can face is a period of time when matches are loosely supervised due to staff turnover," Garringer explains. "This guide ensures that a new coordinator quickly checks in with all participants and gets up to speed on how their relationships are progressing. It also places an emphasis on keeping up volunteer recruitment and program sustainability efforts so that the program continues to operate smoothly during this time of transition."

To access the Quick-Start Guide for New YouthBuild Mentoring Coordinatorsclick here.