Document Description
FEMA Contract Provisions Template Outlines the federally required contract provisions in addition to FEMA-recommended provisions
Contract Criteria Table Lists by contract criteria (usually contract amount) which of the required and suggested contract provisions listed in the FEMA Contract Provisions Template are required.
Quick Reference Table for FEMA Contract Provisions Template Identifies the page number in the FEMA Contract Provisions Template where the required or suggested provision language is located.
SBA Search Tool Quick Reference Guide Resource to assist in locating socio-economic businesses.
Davis-Bacon and Related Acts Fact Sheet General information concerning Davis-Bacon and related acts.
Instructions for Creating the Wage Determination Document for Contracts When the Davis-Bacon Act applies, a Wage Determination document listing the prevailing wage for the area must be supplied to potential contractors.  This document provides detailed instructions for preparing the Wage Determination document.
Instructions for Checking for Excluded & Debarred Contractors Detailed instructions on how to check potential contractors to see if they are excluded or debarred from doing business with the federal government.
Fact Sheet - FEMA Public Assistance: Procurement Conducted Under Exigent or Emergency Circumstances Comprehensive explanation of the procurement rules when exigent or emergency conditions exist, including a definition of exigent and emergency, and the Suggested Elements for Noncompetitive Procurement Justification (which is required).  The Noncompetitive Procurement Justification Form - Fillable may be used to capture the justification elements (see the next document).
Noncompetitive Procurement Justification Form - Fillable To be used to document your justification for noncompetitive (sole source) procurement during times of exigent or emergency situations.  Must be completed and kept with your procurement files when purchasing in this situation.
Top 10 Procurement Mistakes Common mistakes made when procuring with federal funds.
Purchasing Under a FEMA Award: Resource Library FEMA Procurement Disaster Assistance Team (PDAT) provided resource with references to procurement regulations, general procurement resources, and procurement resources by topic.
Procurement Under Grants Training Relays FEMA provided resource designed to help FEMA grant recipients and subrecipients navigate the federal procurement standards as student notes following a FEMA procurement under grants training.
Procurement Training Flyer Explains FEMA Procurement Disaster Assistance Team (PDAT) training options to increase procurement under grant awareness and compliance.