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Grants and Community Services

The Grants and Community Services Division (GCSD) of the Michigan State Police (MSP) is home to many important initiatives and responsibilities, including Grants Management, Prevention Services, Office of School Safety, Auto Theft Prevention Services, and Management Services.

The Grants Management Section writes, manages and administers formula and competitive federal, state and private grants and related initiatives.

The Prevention Services Section provides overall support for MSP's Community Service Troopers and the MSP Angel Program, provides training on educational programming, and partners with numerous government agencies and community groups to bring MSP into the forefront of community engagement and outreach.

The Office of School Safety (OSS) is committed to delivering quality services to schools throughout the state of Michigan. The OSS administers grants, liaisons with policy makers, offers training, and promotes strategies to encourage safe and secure learning environments that reduce threats, build trust, and improve the quality of life for K-12 students in Michigan.  The OSS also houses the public face of the OK2SAY student safety tip line.

The Auto Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA) is governed by a seven-member board of directors appointed by the Governor which includes representatives of law enforcement, automobile insurers, and consumers of automobile insurance.  Each year the ATPA awards grants to law enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and non-profit organizations for enforcement, prosecution, community awareness, and prevention programs aimed at reducing motor vehicle theft.

The Management Services Section is comprised of the Facility Services Unit and the Resource Management Unit (commonly known as the Distribution Center).  This section oversees MSP owned and leased properties and related issues as well as the procurement and distribution of uniforms and supplies to departmental personnel. Please see the Facility Contact List

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