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Michigan Intelligence Operations Center (MIOC)

The Michigan Intelligence Operations Center (MIOC) -- known as a fusion center -- provides 24-hours a day statewide information sharing among local, state, and federal public safety agencies and private sector organizations in order to facilitate the collection, analysis and dissemination of intelligence relevant to terrorism and public safety.
Contact the MIOC: 877-616-4677 or

Protect your every day. Recognize the Signs of Terrorism-related Suspicious Activity.

Mission Statement

To promote public safety by operating in a public-private partnership that collects, evaluates, analyzes, and disseminates information and intelligence in a timely and secure manner while protecting the privacy rights of the public.

Vision Statement

A leader and partner in the prevention of threats to health, safety, and security through the analysis and sharing of information and actionable intelligence.

Missing Persons Coordination Unit

The Missing Persons Coordination Unit (MPCU) serves the Michigan State Police, criminal justice agencies, noncriminal justice agencies, governmental agencies, public safety officers, and the general public.