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Forensic Science is a division of the Michigan State Police.

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Job Postings

Job opportunities for our forensic science laboratories are posted in adherence to State of Michigan Civil Service guidelines. We may also post job opportunities at forensic science websites including the following:

Eligible Candidates

The forensic science laboratories of the Michigan State Police hire employees from two workforce pools:  enlisted state troopers and civilians.  Positions that are posted for hiring will specify eligibility.  Regardless of enlisted or civilian status, job candidates for forensic science positions must have a bachelors degree in a natural science or forensic science.  Degrees in chemistry, biology, microbiology, or biochemistry are advantageous.  College students studying for a career in forensic science should focus on natural sciences courses with the possible inclusion of forensic science, statistics, genetics, criminalistics, criminal justice, criminal law, and constitutional law class as well.  Internships are not a prerequisite for employment in the Michigan State Police laboratories.

Working in the Laboratory

Laboratory work is not for everyone and can even be dangerous from time to time.  Employees who succeed in forensic science and gain satisfaction in their work are often individuals who are genuinely attracted to science and enjoy the laboratory atmosphere.  These individuals are also highly curious, self-motivated, and love to learn.  The ability to learn basic public speaking skills is also necessary to appear as a credible expert witness in court. 

Student Internships

It is common for qualifying college students to work as unpaid interns in our laboratories. To qualify, students must have obtained their high school diploma, and be enrolled in forensic science coursework at the secondary education level. High school students, as well as college students who are not pursuing a career in forensic science, are not eligible for internships.

Internship candidates are encouraged to watch the State of Michigan job openings website for internship opportunities and apply accordingly. Interns will be required to submit a resume, signed cover letter, and letter of recommendation from a college faculty member, along with specified forms indicated in the posting. Candidates considered for an internship are required to be fingerprinted, provide a DNA sample, pass a background check, and pass a drug screening test.

Internships are highly competitive and filled only when specific projects requiring the assistance of interns have been initiated.

Job Shadowing

Due to the sensitivity of the work performed in our laboratories, as well as the health and safety risks that exist in the work environment, job shadowing is not permitted in our laboratories.