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Legislative Action

Legislative Action Subcommittee

The Legislative Action Subcommittee evaluates 911 issues as they relate to the current 911 law in Michigan (Public Act 32 of 1986).  The subcommittee identifies issues and potential issues facing the delivery of 911.  Additionally, the subcommittee explores and recommends legislative solutions to address problems and enhance Michigan's 911 law.  The subcommittee makes recommendations on legislative solutions to the State 911 Committee.  The subcommittee also uses smaller work groups to address areas requiring technical or unique information for complex or narrow issues. 

Legislative Action Subcommittee Chair:  Ms. Jordyn Sellek, Conference of Western Wayne,
Legislative Action Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Ms. Lisa Hall, Midland County Central Dispatch,

Legislative Action Subcommittee Members: 

  • Ms. Patricia Coates, CLEMIS,
  • Ms. Jennifer Greenburg, Peninsula Fiber Network,
  • Ms. April Heinze, State 911 Committee, National Emergency Number Association (NENA),
  • Mr. Jeff Troyer, State 911 Committee, Kalamazoo County Consolidated Dispatch Authority,
  • Mr. Steven Berenbaum, AT&T,
  • Mr. Bryce Tracy, Mackinac County 911,
  • Mr. Scott Temple, INdigital,
  • Mr. Jeremy Ludwig, Allegan County Central Dispatch,
  • Mr. Chris Izworski, Saginaw County Central Dispatch,
  • Mr. Jason Wolford, Muskegon County Central Dispatch,

Non-Voting Members: 

  • Ms. Joni Harvey, State 911 Office
  • Ms. Lyndsay Keith, State 911 Office

2024 Meeting Dates

Agenda, with location information, will be posted one week before meeting date.