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Biometrics and Identification Division

BID Contact for General Information: 


Phone:  517-388-1192


The Biometrics and Identification Division was formed in 2011 for its strong emphasis on the sciences and technologies critical to public safety. Michigan was the first state agency to establish a dedicated biometrics division. In the last decade, the division has progressed to include the specialty areas of polygraph, forensic audio/video analysis, ten-print and palmprint identification, facial identification, forensic art, and DNA. The consolidation of these critical disciplines into a single division has allowed for advancement in these areas and expedited the growth of biometrics within Michigan, transforming the MSP into a national model for best practices. The Mission of the division is to securely and ethically identify individuals using innovative science and technology to increase public and officer safety and help bring justice to victims.

2022 Annual Transparency Report

2023 Annual Transparency Report 

Mobile ID

Automated Print Identification Section (APIS)

The Automated Print Identification Section oversees all programs dealing with fingerprints and palm prints for law enforcement agencies in Michigan, specializing in the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), Live Scan, Mobile ID, and Ten-print Analysis and Identification Unit.
Contact: 517-242-4558. 
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Fingerprint collection

Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Section

CODIS is a database of DNA profiles collected from crime scene evidence, convicted offenders, felony arrestees, missing persons, and unidentified human remains.

Contact: 517-636-0465 or

CODIS Policies & Procedures

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Woman viewing SNAP software at computer.

Digital Analysis Identification Section (DAIS)

The Digital Analysis Identification Section is responsible for the repositories of mug shots, scars, marks, tattoos and crime scene images, as well as program oversight of the Audio Video Analysis Unit, Forensic Artist Program, and the Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP)Unit facial recognition system.
Contact: 517-242-4558.
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Woman taking a polygraph.

Polygraph Section

The Polygraph Section is available to law enforcement partners and the criminal justice system to assist in solving crimes through the use of validated psychological and physiological techniques.

Law enforcement agencies may contact the Polygraph Section at 517-636-0465 or

For after hours requests, please contact MSP Operations: 517-241-8000.


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