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Travel Information for Motorists

Road Conditions, Traffic, & Construction Information

The Michigan Department of Transportation provides a traffic and construction information resource center for motorists seeking detailed driving information.


Winter Road Conditions

When making travel decisions during inclement weather, motorists should keep in mind that major roadways are the first to be cleared. It is unusual for conditions on rural and county roads to be better than those on major roadways. While drivers are encouraged to use all available information when making winter travel plans, even the latest, most accurate forecast information could change with little or no warning. If weather conditions appear to be too severe to travel, they most likely are.

The majority of winter driving crashes can be attributed to drivers going too fast for the roadway conditions. When this happens, drivers can lose control and begin to leave the roadway. Driving slow on snowy and icy roads allows the driver a longer reaction time. It can take up to 10 times longer to stop in snowy or icy weather. Drivers should be prepared to look ahead and begin braking well in advance of an intersection.

Remember: Active winter weather and hazardous traveling conditions create the greatest demand for police and EMS services. Please do not tie up telephone lines and dispatch personnel by calling to request weather or travel information. 
MDOT Winter Safety