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Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Section

CODIS is the acronym for the "Combined DNA Index System" and is the generic term used to describe the FBI's program of support for criminal justice DNA databases, as well as the software used to run these databases. CODIS includes DNA profiles collected from crime scene evidence, convicted offenders, felony arrestees, missing persons, and unidentified human remains.

The Michigan State Police CODIS Section receives and processes DNA samples collected from individuals who are legally mandated to provide a DNA sample for comparison against unknown DNA profiles obtained from biological evidence from crime scene samples. Matches made through searches of the CODIS database can link crime scenes together or to a convicted offender or arrestee; possibly identifying serial offenders. Since names and other personally identifiable information are not stored in the CODIS database, forensic scientists in the CODIS Section confirm the convicted offender or arrestee sample and provide the identifying information to the law enforcement agency.

The CODIS Section is located at the Michigan State Police Lansing Forensic Laboratory.

The CODIS Section can be reached at 517-636-0465 or questions can be emailed to


DNA Sample Collection

Demonstration of the proper collection for DNA samples from convicted offenders and felony arrestees.