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driving simulator

Driving Simulators

Driving simulators are available for loan to law enforcement officers and other traffic safety partners to use at safety events throughout the state.  Borrowers are responsible for pick up and return, and are responsible for any damages. The simulators are interactive, easy to transport, and set up.

The simulator consists of a single “All in One” computer and monitor unit, foot pedals, and steering wheel. Simulators are portable and transported using two wheeled cases with telescopic handles. The software, One Simple Decision, provides two choices, impaired or distracted driving awareness.

The impaired drive allows participants to experience the affects and consequences of driving impaired; demonstrating that everyday driving situations can become difficult to manage safely while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The distracted drive allows participants to experience the dangers of distracted driving. In addition to other common distractions, the student is asked to text and make phone calls while driving. The student experiences how distractions affect their ability to recognize and respond to everyday driving situations.

To schedule to use a driving simulator, please contact a coordinator from the list below. OHSP requires a Driving Simulator Loan Agreement to be signed before using the simulator. The borrower must also receive training on the simulator at the time of pick-up, which is very quick and easy to do.

Simulator Contact List

Seat Belt Convincer and Rollover Information

Some excellent educational tools are available to help promote the importance of seat belt use.Seat belt convincers and rollover simulators can be a key part of safety presentations at high schools, fairs, drivers’ education programs, or community events.

The seat belt convincer is a self-propelled automobile seat with safety restraints affixed to a light-weight, easily maneuverable single-axle trailer. It is capable of simulating 5 to 7 mph crashes. The convincer allows the rider to experience the surprising amount of force generated by such a low speed collision and the benefit that a seat belt can provide.

The rollover simulator is a compact pickup truck cab affixed to a two-axle low profile trailer. It features a single acceleration and positive braking control system to spin the cab, simulating a rollover crash. The simulator demonstrates the devastating consequences occupants face when ejected from a vehicle during a rollover.

Convincer and Rollover Contact List