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Fallen Trooper Memorial

Fallen Trooper Memorial

Since the inception of the Michigan State Police in 1917, every enforcement member of the department has taken an oath to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution, the honor and traditions of the Michigan State Police, and the public safety of the people of Michigan. Fifty-six members of the department have affirmed that oath with their lives. Our fathers, brothers, sons, wives, daughters, friends and colleagues, they were, and remain, our heroes. We owe it to them to cherish the memory of their lives and to validate the purpose of their ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Their last full measure of devotion to the honor and traditions of the Michigan State Police must continue to teach and inspire future generations.

A Fallen Trooper Memorial has been constructed on the grounds of the Michigan State Police Training Academy near Lansing. It was funded entirely by private donations.

To Honor Those Who Have Fallen

The funding campaign began in the fall of 1999. Groundbreaking for the Memorial began in the late spring of 2001. The dedication ceremony was October 16, 2001. With the help of the Michigan State Police Troopers Association, a special Michigan State Troopers Assistance Fund was established to handle all contributions for the Fallen Trooper Memorial.

A special committee of retired and active members of the department evaluated architects' proposals and selected an appropriate design for the memorial. Every effort was made to consider suitable setting, materials, landscaping, artistic appeal, architectural soundness, and dignity for the Memorial.

According to the approved specifications, the centerpiece of the Memorial is a granite wall arranged in a semi-circle. Similar to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial in Washington, D.C., the names of the fallen have been engraved around the slanting face of the wall. An inscription reads: "This Memorial is dedicated to all the members of the Michigan State Police who have died in the line of duty."

The Fallen Trooper Memorial includes the word "trooper" to uniquely identify the Memorial with the Michigan State Police. Since all members of the department are "troopers" at heart, the Memorial honors all the members of the Michigan State Police who died in the line of duty, regardless of rank, enlisted, or civilian status.

"Time passes, but Dave's loss is never far from our minds. As generations of our family grow, we are sorry he is not here to celebrate our achievements and share comfort in our losses. Each new life born into our family is one he could have touched…and each challenge is a struggle he would have met with us. In addition to his own sacrifice and that of his family, the community and citizens of our state are without the contributions he would have made in his dedicated service to society. The State Police Memorial is a concrete way to recognize the gift of life and loss of his death, along with so many others. To properly memorialize such people is to remind and inspire current and future generations to uphold the ideals Dave honored by his work."

--The Family of David W. Hubbard


Donations to the Fallen Trooper Memorial:

Check payable to: MSTAF-FTM 
Mail to: Michigan State Police Troopers Association
1715 Abbey Rd., Suite B
East Lansing, MI 48823