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Michigan School Bus Inspection Report

The total number of school buses rejected by the Michigan State Police for pupil transportation are found in the "RED" column. During the inspection procedure, these buses were found to be in an unsafe condition. Michigan law requires the repair of all red tag items before placing that bus back into passenger service.

The "YELLOW" column indicates the number of school buses found in an unsatisfactory condition, but are safe for operation. These school buses by law must be repaired within 60 days of the original inspection date.

The "PASS" column indicates the total number of school buses that are considered to be in satisfactory condition.

Please click on the link to view the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division's School Bus Inspection Manual.  This document provides the vehicle safety inspectors with the criteria used to issue a red or yellow tag.

Michigan's school buses are inspected on a cycle beginning each September 1st and ending each August 31st. An annual report for all of Michigan's schools will be posted on this site after each September 1st.

To view the inspection results for public schools throughout Michigan, choose the link below: