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Laboratory Services - Technical Disciplines

The work done by the Forensic Science Division is divided into "Disciplines", or categories. Staff members specialize in one or more disciplines and become experts in their field(s).

Each discipline is served by a Technical Leader, who is the content area expert and quality assurance manager for their discipline. Technical Leaders play a critical role in maintaining consistency, quality, and standardization throughout Michigan and in representing Michigan nationally and internationally on topics related to their discipline.



Ms. Lauren Lu
Ms. Kristin Schelling


Crime Scene Response/
Bloodstain Pattern Analysis

Mr. Guy Nutter

Firearms & Toolmarks
Ms. Rebecca Smith


Latent Prints
Ms. Tracee McIntosh


Trace Evidence/Questioned Documents  
Ms. Cheryl Lozen


Controlled Substances
Ms. Elizabeth Gormley


Mr. Nicholas Fillinger
Breath Alcohol
Mr. Mark Fondren