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Training Division

The Training Division supports the department and the criminal justice community through educational programs both at MSP’s Training Academy in Dimondale and at various off-site locations around the state. This division is responsible for conducting MSP recruit schools for new enforcement members and in-service trainings for current members.
Outside of Michigan State Police Training Academy.

Training Academy

7426 North Canal Road
Lansing, Michigan 48913
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Phone: 517-636-6868
Training Academy information & rate structure
Trooper recruits sitting in auditorium.

Interested in becoming a recruit?

Be prepared! See MSP's comprehensive workout program to better prepare applicants for the physical expectations of recruit school. 

Find information about recruit schools, career paths, and more.

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Teen Defensive Driving Program

Teenage Defensive Driving is a 5-hour program aimed at the teenager. The curriculum includes four hours of hands-on training and one hour of online instruction.

Lower Peninsula

Location: MSP Drive Track, Lansing, Michigan

Upper Peninsula

Location: Escanaba State Fair Grounds, Escanaba, Michigan

Michigan Police Pistol Match

The 86th Michigan Police Pistol Match is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 12, 2024

See results from the 2023 match.

In Honor of Those Who Have Fallen

Four troopers standing at the Fallen Trooper Memorial

Fallen Trooper Memorial

Since the inception of the Michigan State Police in 1917, every enforcement member of the department has taken an oath to "preserve, protect and defend" the Constitution, the honor and traditions of the Michigan State Police, and the public safety of the people of Michigan. Fifty-six members of the department have affirmed that oath with their lives. Our fathers, brothers, sons, wives, daughters, friends and colleagues, they were, and remain, our heroes. We owe it to them to cherish the memory of their lives and to validate the purpose of their ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Their last full measure of devotion to the honor and traditions of the Michigan State Police must continue to teach and inspire future generations.
A Fallen Trooper Memorial has been constructed on the grounds of the Michigan State Police Training Academy near Lansing. It was funded entirely by private donations.


Michigan State Police's Fallen Troopers

Learn more about the Fallen Trooper Memorial