[UPDATED] OHSP Car Seat Distribution for Techs

***The Car Seat Distribution Program is currently on hold while OHSP transitions to a new vendor in the month of June.  Information on updated ordering forms and seats available will be shared in the coming weeks.  Please reach out to Kara Rueckert if you have an immediate need for seats and she will get you in contact with another technician who is able to assist.   Thank you for your patience and understanding!***


OHSP will support local car seat distribution efforts by providing car seats for local seat check events and fitting stations for low-income families. Certified child passenger safety (CPS) technicians may request car seats from OHSP using the following process:

  1. The car seat request form and Evenflo order form must BOTH be completed and submitted to OHSP by a certified CPS technician at least 45 days prior to the seat check event. Technicians should anticipate a 30-day turnaround on receipt of car seats. Technicians will need to justify the need for the number of car seats being requested. 
  2. Incomplete forms will be returned to requestor for completion.
  3. Requests will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year as funding is available. However, requests will not be approved more than 60 days prior to an event.
  4. No orders will be processed from August 15 - September 30, 2021, in order to accommodate distribution before the end of the fiscal year. Orders will again be processed beginning October 1, 2021, or when an approved purchase order is in place, and will be delivered approximately 30 days after orders are placed.
  5. OHSP will purchase car seats and have them shipped to the location specified by the CPS technician on the car seat order form. Car seats will be purchased through an existing state contract; therefore, only the car seats listed on the attached order form are available.
  7. CPS technicians SHALL NOT SELL OR ACCEPT DONATIONS FOR OHSP-PROVIDED CAR SEATS. The car seats are purchased with federal funding; therefore, no agency may profit from the distribution of the car seats. Violation of this policy will result in disqualification from this program.
  8. The car seat program eligibility form, the car seat reporting form and the car seat inspection form (Safe Kids or local form) must be submitted monthly for each OHSP car seat distributed. Additional orders will not be placed if monthly reports are not up-to-date. 
  9. Technicians may be asked to share or transfer seats between agencies if necessary.
  10. Car seats may only be distributed when a child is present or to an expectant parent in the third trimester. Each child may only receive one car seat of each type from the program.
  11. Technicians should track the names of children who receive seats and check records prior to issuing new seats. 

Any questions regarding this program may be directed to OHSP at 517-284-3332 or MSP-OHSP@Michigan.gov.

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