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Complaint Procedure

The ADA complaint procedure is designed to informally resolve conflicts with state agencies involving allegations of discrimination in access to state government programs, services, and benefits for persons with disabilities under Title II of the ADA.

Each state agency has delegated department/agency ADA Coordinators. Your first point of contact in this procedure is the ADA Coordinator in whose division or department you believe that non-compliance with Title II has occurred.

If you need assistance in filing or writing your complaint, the division or department ADA Coordinator or designee will, at your request, help you locate an impartial advocate or representative not associated with their agency. You must also specify any other reasonable accommodation you may require in order to effectively communicate your complaint. The complaint form must be filled out completely and filed with the division or department ADA Coordinator within 90 calendar days from the date of the alleged discriminatory action or practice.

Once you have completed the ADA Complaint Form, follow the steps for filing your title II ADA complaint. It is important for you to keep copies of your original complaint, notifications you receive after meeting with the department/agency, as well as any other correspondence or other documentation that is related to your complaint, and bring those copies to all meetings, reviews, and appeals related to your complaint.