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Frequently Asked Questions

Citizen FAQs

  • No. Due to Michigan law and regulations, we cannot provide biometric information for private/non-criminal justice purposes. Please contact the Office of Freedom of Information Act if you have questions or concerns at Freedom of Information Act Requests
  • Please follow these below steps to be fingerprinted for employment:

    • Obtain a Live Scan Fingerprint Background Check Request Form (RI-030) from your employer/licensing agency and complete sections II and IV of the form.
    • Contact your local law enforcement agency to see if they can take prints for your specific reason code (e.g., daycare, healthcare, school).  If the local law enforcement agency is unable to take prints for your employment reason, contact an approved Live Scan vendor listed at Private Live Scan Vendors. 
    • The Live Scan vendor will collect the state and the Federal Bureau of Investigation search fee (additional service fees may be charged by the Livescan vendor).
    • Turnaround time is typically seven business days or less. Responses will be returned to the requestor identified by the agency identification number.
    • Employers needing an agency identification number can call the Criminal History Helpdesk at 517-241-0606, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
  • When printing an out-of-state offender, please arrange with a local out-of-state agency to print the individual. To print an individual out-of-state for a Michigan arrest, please print and send the Ten-Print card (with all required information provided by the Michigan agency or court) to:

    Michigan State Police
    P.O. Box 30266
    Lansing, MI 48909-7766

  • SOR prints must be sent via Live Scan, both fingerprints and palm-prints. Please contact a local law enforcement agency for SOR printing.

Live Scan FAQs

  • Yes. Fingerprint/palm-print requests can only be fulfilled for criminal justice purposes. When requesting fingerprints or palm-prints from the Michigan State Police (MSP), please note the following:
    • Send the request to the Ten-Print Analysis and Identification Unit (TAIU) at
    • The individual’s name and date of birth, a Transaction Control Number (TCN), or the Michigan State Identification Number (SID) are all acceptable identifiers to search for fingerprints or palm-prints. 
    • If requesting a specific arrest or incident, please include the following:
      • Arrest date
      • Incident number
      • Any other information specific to that arrest. 
    • If a specific incident is not requested or is not currently active, the highest quality prints under the individual’s record will be sent.
    • Please indicate if a certified fingerprint and/or palm-print is required and include a return address. 
  • When requesting a fingerprint or palm-print comparison, please send to The TAIU can provide various reports for comparison or identification, including, but not limited to:

    • Identification of subjects (living or deceased)
    • Potential duplicate records
    • Records in question
  • Please call the TAIU at 517-284-3170 to determine if the situation requires an amputated submission.

    When printing an individual that has a full amputation or severe deformity:

    • Capture both plain and rolled impressions of as many fingers as possible, even if only one finger can be printed. To help the TAIU verify the proper sequence of fingers:
      • Mark any fingers not captured as amputated or unable to print.
      • If fingertips are missing, mark as amputated.
      • If fingers are deformed and cannot be captured, mark as unable to print.
    • If none of the fingers can be captured, please submit the following to
      • Arrest photo: If no booking system is available, please take the photo no closer than eight feet from the individual. Submit the photo as “tiff” file, “bmp” file, or “png” file.
      • A copy of the driver’s license.
      • All arresting incident information.
      • A current photo of the individual’s hands.
    • The TAIU will contact you to provide the SID and TCN associated with the incident once established.
  • Clemis

    HID Global

    Data Networks Plus
    866-632-2780 x3


    ID Networks

    847-706-6789 x104


  • Please call the TAIU at 517-284-3170.

    • If only one transaction has not returned, follow the steps provided in this link to receive the response, Generate a TCN Response in LEIN.
    • If multiple transactions have not been returned, reboot your Live Scan machine. If a reboot does not help, please call the TAIU at 517-284-3170 for further assistance.
  • Yes.

    • If you have not received the response of a criminal or applicant transaction, the transaction may not have completed processing:
      • Contact the TAIU at 517-284-3170, If there was an error in printing or mistake in information, a technician may be able to correct it before processing is completed.
    • If you received the response for a criminal transaction and:
      • There was an error in printing, contact the TAIU at 517-284-3170. You may need to request the TCN to be deleted and will need to reprint the individual prior to their release.
      • There was an error in the information submitted, contact the Criminal History Helpdesk at 517-241-0606 or email
    • If you received the response for an applicant transaction, please contact the Criminal History Helpdesk at 517-241-0606 or email
  • Reboot your Live Scan machine, and if transactions are still not submitting, contact your Live Scan vendor.

    You can also reach out to the MSP Live Scan Analyst to assist you at 517-230-4423. If it is an urgent issue, please reach out to the TAIU at 517-284-3170, and a technician will help to the best of their ability or point you in the correct direction. 

  • The RI-008 form is a print card for applicant and personal identification fingerprint submissions. It is used for employment, licensing, VISA/Immigration, adoption, name changes, and more. All information is to be filled out and sent to the MSP for processing.


  • Try to print that finger (rolled and plain impression). If unable to print, mark as “unable to print” on both the rolled and plain impression to not include that finger in the submission.