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Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP)Unit

Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP)Unit

The Statewide Network of Agency Photos (SNAP)Unit Program is the central repository for storing the State of Michigan’s digital facial images (Front/Profile/Scars, Marks, and Tattoos) and associated data for law enforcement access.  SNAP allows for the completion of digital lineups that meet the best practice standards for eyewitness identification and facial recognition (FR).  FR is a biometric tool that should only be utilized by staff that has been specially trained and should never be considered a form of positive identification.

To request services, please complete the BID-002 Digital Image Analysis Request and send it to

The SNAP Unit can also be reached at 517-242-4558.

The SNAP Unit can provide services in the following areas:

  • Digitally compliant lineups
  • Facial recognition searches
  • Demographic searches
  • SNAP training
  • Mobile facial recognition training
  • Investigative Lead Reports -- not positive identification

Policy & FAQs:

Additional resources for Facial Identification and the facial recognition discipline: